I am developing an embedded system with a local display and multilingual support. Now I am wondering if my font contain all the glyphs the system need.
Of coz, we always google it first, but...


Method 1 (Qt)




Yes, the Qt have a bug (actually, it isn’t a bug, but user misunderstand the document), so we can’t do it easier with Qt.


Method 2 (GDI – GetGlyphIndices())


But I think it is too complex, the DC is surplus in my case, I just want to focus on font!


Method 3 (FreeType library)

Finally, I decide to use python + freetype library to solve my problem. With this script, you can input a TTF file and a text file(UTF-8), and than it will report you what character in the text file is missing with this TTF font.


Source Code:



Thanks for the freetype-py library XD


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